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The Queen Down Comforter is extremely popular today. Because down is so light weight and comfortable it is one of the most sought after bedding products. The Queen down comforters come in variety of colors, weights, and designs. Some are designed for very cold evenings while others are more suitable for just slightly cool nights.

Down makes great filler for comforters because it is soft and lightweight. But is also has other characteristics that are important. The Down clusters in a comforter consist of light and fluffy filaments that expand and intertwine. When they do this, without getting to scientific, they form air pockets. These air pockets trap air and make a great insulator of heat. Down also has the characteristic of breathing so in addition to regulating warmth it wicks away moisture.

Here are tips that will help you when buying a queen down comforter.

Warmth Level
Many down comforters come with warmth ratings. This will be important to pay attention to. Consider how you like to sleep and make your decision. If you are a person that likes to sleep warm and toasty you will something that has a high warmth rating than a person that likes to sleep cooler.

Correct Size
Sometimes there can be confusion when buying a Queen down comforter regarding size.

There are actually two different versions of queen size comforters made of down.

There is a full/queen and then a queen. It is always best to measure the length and width of your bed so you are sure.

 Most people like to have some of the comforter hang over the sides. So take that into consideration as well.

A full/queen is typically 88 x 88 inches and a queen size comforters are 86 x 94 inches.  There can be some slight differences from one manufacturer to another.


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Fill Power
Fill power is a very important measurement with down products. It refers to the quality of the down. All down feathers are not the same. The higher the fill power the larger and strong the clusters of down will be. This will provide the best insulation, breath better and last longer than down that is more inferior, or having lower fill power. Lower fill power will refer to down that has more fragile clusters of feathers.

Baffled Comforters
A baffled comforter is sewn in such a way that there will not be any cold spots with the comforter. Baffles are vertical interior chambers that are sewn through the length of the comforter in a box like design. The purpose of this is to keep the clusters of down from shifting.

Thread Count
It is important to take into consideration the thread count of the comforter. The higher the thread count the more tightly woven the comforter will be. This will add to the cost but it will insure that you have minimal leakage of down feathers.

Duvet or Cover
Technically a down comforter by itself is called a duvet. For decorative and sanitary purposes most people will put a cover on the comforter. That is often referred to as a duvet cover. The cover will help provide protection and cleaning will be much easier.

Cleaning Tips for a Queen Down Comforter
The best cleaning method for a down comforter is to machine wash in cool temperature water on a delicate cycle. It should be dried slowly with a low heat setting.

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